Since 2006, The Positive Press has been THE option for advertising in Riverside, Delanco and Delran.   Since we have increased our coverage to include Cinnaminson, Palmyra and Riverton, we are the only newspaper covering the Riverfront towns that provides the news you want about your hometown while offering an affordable, targeted advertising option.

We know how hard times are and that businesses, especially small businesses, are struggling.  You can’t depend on having been in a location for many years, because in today’s transient society your customers haven’t been here that long and may not even know you exist.  Are you located out of the way, or in an area not heavily traveled?  All the more reason to get the word out.  Because the truth is, in these tough economic times if you don’t advertise, you may not even be able to stay in business much less expand. And now, more than ever, you must be very careful about where you spend your advertising dollars.  Look around at the businesses you know that are very successful.  They advertise, don’t they?  We can help.

With The Positive Press, you will find advertising solutions to help promote your business or community organization.  We have a very loyal base of advertisers, some who have been with us since our original publication in 1995. This means advertising in The Positive Press works for them. And it can work for you too. Call us for a consultation today.


The Positive Press mails and distributes 10-12,000 copies per month (less when schools are closed). And we know people read us by the emails, letters, and calls we receive from our loyal readers.


The Positive Press is mailed by the U.S. Postal Service to Riverside, Delanco and Delran.  In addition, we have numerous drop points in the neighboring towns of Palmyra, Riverton and Cinnaminson.  So your ad is getting seen by the people most likely to patronize your local business.


The Publisher, Regina M. Collinsgru has owned a variety of small businesses since 1979 so she understands the unique needs and concerns of the small business person.  Her background in developing strategic marketing strategies enables her to assist you in preparing ads that work.   We don’t just put together pretty ads. We want to work with you to come up with the best ad to promote your business and bring you customers!


Our rates are competitive and we offer many different options to fit any budget.  Contact Regina today to discuss your advertising needs.



Now since you can read The Positive Press online at, advertisers in The Positive Press receive a FREE link in their print ads enabling online viewers immediate access to their websites.