If you live or work in the Triple Towns, THE POSITIVE PRESS is YOUR Community Newspaper!

The Positive Press is published monthly and mailed FREE to every address in Riverside, Delanco and Delran.  Papers are distributed to a number of key locations in Cinnaminson, Palmyra and Riverton.    Copies are always available to pick up on the porch at 2020 Bannard St, Cinnaminson.



First published in November of 1995 as the Riverside Positive Press, in 2006 we changed the name to The Positive Press because our coverage was no longer limited to Riverside and we wanted the surrounding Riverfront towns to feel more included.

Our purpose is to encourage people to focus on the positive things not just in our small town life, but in life in general. We like to look back at history and feature many old historic photos of days gone by. At the same time we focus on the good and positive things happening today, especially as they involve the children in our communities.


Regina M. Collinsgru





P: 856-389-5705

Website:  www.thepositivepressnj.com

Email: riversidepositivepress@yahoo.com



You can submit information by email at riversidepositivepress@yahoo.com.  Submissions and checks can be mailed to our mailing address above. Information can also be dropped off in the flower painted box on the porch at 2020 Bannard Street in Cinnaminson (green house near the corner of Bannard St. and Union Landing Road).    Call 856-389-5705 for more information.



The Positive Press welcomes submissions of an informative and positive nature from its readership in Riverside, Delanco, Delran, Cinnaminson, Palmyra and Riverton. Information must be typed and must include name, affiliation, address, phone, fax, email address.  Our ability to photograph community events is limited.  Digital photos are welcomed although the Publisher has total discretion and the right of refusal.  Photos may be submitted by email, in the original largest size possible, as attachments in .jpg or .pdf format.  Photos must be named to match the article and information about the photo must be included with individuals identified (l-r) so names can be included.


Preference is given to non-profit organizations in our coverage area. Information must be kept as brief as possible due to space limitations.  All info must be emailed prior to deadline and you must provide the contact person, name of organization, address, phone, fax, and email address in order to be included.  This information is for our files only and to confirm your submissions.


The deadline for submission of ads, articles, or for the Community Calendar is the 15th of each month prior to the publication month.  If something comes up at the last minute, give us a call – maybe we can squeeze it in.

We are a monthly publication delivered to the Post Office on the first Friday of each month. Please keep that in mind if you have an event that falls in the first week of the month. We highly recommend that you get it placed in the issue the month before to give people enough time to plan to attend.


The Publisher retains editorial control and the right to refuse any ad or article at its discretion.  Copy may be edited for content or size according to space limitations.  Advertisers assume responsibility for any errors in their ad once they have approved the copy. Otherwise, the Publisher’s responsibility for errors in advertising is limited to a reprint of the ad in the next issue of the paper.